Laszlo Bodrogi

Laszlo Bodrogi

Date of Birth 11/12/1976
Weight 79 Kg
Height 187 cm

Born in Budapest (Hungary) 11/12/1976
Lives in – Ney (France)
Professional since2000
Hobby: cinema, music, video games.

Career Highlights

2003 Hungarian Champion – time trail / 2nd Parigi-Bruxelles / 2nd G.P. Eddy Merckx
3rd 2nd stage Belgium Tour / 5th 19th stage Tour de France
2004Hungarian Champion – time trail / 3rd stage B 3 Days of La Panne / 2nd 9th stage Switzerland Tour

2005 1st Luxembourg Tour / 2nd Tour de Vendée / 5th 1st stage Tour de France
2006 Hungarian Champion – time trail and on road / 6th stage Austria Tour – time trail / 2nd 7th stage Tour of Germany Germania – time trail / 2nd prologue Luxembourg Tour
3rd stage Luxembourg Tour
2007Hungarian Champion – time trail / G.P. of Nations / 2nd World Championships – time trail
2nd 8th stage of Germany Tour – time trail / 2nd 8th stage Spain Vuelta – time trail
2008Hungarian Champion – time trail / 2nd Santarem Tour – overall classification


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