Danilo Napolitano

Danilo Napolitano
News about Danilo Napolitano

Date of Birth 31/01/1981
Weight 78 Kg
Height 175 cm

Born in Vittoria (RA – Italy) 31/01/1981
Lives in Provaglio di’Iseo (BS – Italy)
Professional since2004
Hobby: travelling.

Career Highlights

2005 Stausse-Rundfahrt / 3rd stage Coppa & Bartali Week
4th stage Brixia Tour / Coppa Bernocchi / 2nd e 5th stage Tour de Poitou Charentes / Giro di Romagna
20061st stage Meditterranean Tour / 1st and 4th stage Coppi & Bartali
1st and 5th stage Tour of Austria / 1st stage Brixia Tour / Coppa Bernocchi
2007 2007 5th stage Vuelta a Murcia / 9th stage Tour of Italy
1st stage Tour of Slovenia / Coppa Bernocchi
1st and 2nd stage Tour of Poland / Memorial Manservisi
2008 5th stage Tour of Qatar / 3rd stage Tour of Grosseto Province
1st stage Brixia Tour / 1st stage Volta a Portugal


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