Igor Markov

Igor Markov - President of oil and gas company “ITERA”

Igor Makarov

Finally, the Russian cycling has stepped in the big professional world. We waited a lot for this moment, it required breaking many spears in heated disputes, it was necessary to overcome a lot of barriers, problems, resistance on the way to create “Katusha” – a Russian team of the higher league of world cycling.
Certainly, all of us hope that “Katusha” becomes a leader of all Russian cycling, our representation in the world, our face, and our colorful show-case. All of us wait for the big victories, loud success of the team which, of course, will come.
But, “Katusha” is not just a sports project. It – something else, more special.
Katusha” is a combination of the social, economic and political components expressed in sports.
Besides the skilled, tempted professionals, “KATUSHA” will breed young, talented and ambitious Russian riders.
Since 2009 all of them will get the chance to prove on world scene, to reach glory to themselves and the Country.
And, also, each of them will pave the way for those who are now growing up at cycling schools around the whole Country, who aspire to get their own chance to grow in sports. “Katusha” urged to give to these young boys that chance.
Katusha” is the powerful project supported by serious partners and directed on development of cycling in Russia,
creating possibilities for young riders and increasing the glory of our native land.
We trust in success of our team and we wish it good luck and bright victories!

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